Night Terrors

Session 1: An Alley Attack
I blame Phillip

We defined the city today. Ranging from Bogan werewolves to a dragon running a bar, we fleshed out Melbourne and mapped out key magical spots in the city.

In this campaign we have a mysterious White Court Vampire virgin, Josephine. Jaded from her first love dying from a mugging, she intervened when people tried to mug someone else. That someone else was Phillip, a minor practitioner of the arts and a thief who can’t resist a bit of shine on his marks. What Josephine didn’t notice though was that her friend, Erik had seen her rush into an alley way and followed her in to make sure she was safe only to find her trying to beat up some guys who had Phillip cornered in the alley. After a brief scuttle, Phillip had struck home with his hidden knives, revealing the two men to be vampires from the red court by tearing the flesh mask worn by one of them. At this moment, Connor, a devout wizard was guided to the fight by a higher power. Here, he fired off a beam of holy light from his crucifix and the other vampire fled.

After a quick talk and the uninformed trying to calm down, they are halted by the police Seargent Gordon McBatman. Having spotted what he thought to be a distressed Josephine, he wanted to have a talk with her but she was able to slip his grasp. While he was there though, he questioned the hulking carcass of smouldering vampire lying in the middle of the alley. In this curiosity, Connor raised a veil and walked away from the conversation unnoticed. After a long conversation of convincing McBatman he wasn’t crazy, Erik was able to take Phillip and himself home after assurances from McBatman the carcass would be taken care of.


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